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Sunday, November 8, 2009

PC Crowd Will Sweep Ft. Hood Crime Under the Rug

Jihad Watch posted the following after which I replied:
The Politically correct crowd has brought us to the point where so many are in denial. Denial of the fact that there are many Muslims living here in America that hate what american stands for. They hate our life style, they hate all of us infidels. The cover up of the Fort Hood hate crime has already started. Already we see reports of a lonely man with not many friends. A man who was mistreated by his fellow officers. So much BS is being reported to label Major Hasan as a sick man who simply went beserk after he snapped from all the pressure. The real facts are being avoided. Major Hasan was a converted Muslim, he talked openly about his disapproval of americian troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He spoke openly in favor of suicide terrorist. Major Hasan not only was converted to the Muslim religion, but he was indoctrinated into following through with the acts that ended with the death of many American soldiers and many more wounded. Major Hasan is guilty of a Terrorist hate crime. Lets not brush another Muslim hate crime under the rug.


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