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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Obamuslim Really fits Obama

Recently I responded with my thoughts to a blog on the New Zeal website, titled Obamuslim.

First this Video was provided to back up the New Zeal's accusatiions that Obama is really a Muslim.

foxmuldar said...

Actions speak louder then words. Obama's actions since he's been in office are strong evidence of where his religious beliefs stand. Shortly after entering office, Obama ended the White House prayer that all presidents in the past have participated in.

Obama travels the globe and continues to apologize for all the good America stands for. Obama is a Socialist but he is also a Muslim lover. Obama did bow to the Saudi King even if his liberal talking heads tried to deny it.

Obama allows Eric Holder to bring the 9/11 terrorist to New Your for a show trial, that puts New Yorkers at risk. Obama tell congress to hold off on any investigations into the Major Hasan Fort Hood Terroism. Obama continues to refuse to admit that Hasan is a Radical Muslim Jihadist.

Obama continues to stall in making any decisions on Afghanistan, while his Personally appointed General McChrystal has asked for more troops. Obama said recently, He doesn't like the word Victory. Actions speak louder then words. Obama is proving his actions are backing up his words. Obama doesn't want a victory in Afghanistan. Obama wants to stall long enough till the support for the war drops further, and then Obams will do like the Liberals did during the Viet Nam War. Throw in the towel, and leave Afghanistan to be controlled by Al quida and the Taliban.

When Obama says we should allow muslims to practice their religion here in America as they see fit. Does he approve of Sharia laws that many muslims believe in? America is heading in the same direction that we see taking place in many parts of europe. Muslims are getting their way. Sharia law is being allowed or simply not spoken about as political correctness has taken hold in europe. After less then one year in office, Obama has taken drastic steps to change the face of America as we have know it for so long. Give him a little more time, and we will all be bowing to Allah and his murderous jihadist.


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