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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama Showing His True Colors

My recent reply to David Horowitz posting: Obama's "Show" Trial Two-fer: KSM and GWB at the Same Time

Its interesting to note that Holder lets go Black Panthers who were intimidating voters at a polling booth in Philadelphia.

But he is willing to tear down our National Defense by going after the CIA and soon other innocent men and women who may have been involved with the capture and detention of the 9/11 conspirators. Watch how Obama will tap dance around ever calling Major Hasan a Jihadist, or someone who should be tried for hate crimes.

I agree with David, Obama and Holder may get their wish now, but in the end it will be the Socialist Democratic party that suffers. Obama is becoming a true joker just like his picture.

The world is laughing at the fool we now have in the White House. Not long ago French President Nicolas Sarkozy chastized Obama for his weak mindedness. Our enemies in Iran, Soviet Union, and other countries are seeing what a weak man Obama is. They will react to his weakness and America will be at greater risk.


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