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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let the Forces of Evil in Washington be Vanquished

A follow up reply to the topic "Obama's Permanet Attacks on Sarah Palin"

Pelosi like Obama and Reid plus most of the liberals in congress are all Socialist. They could care less what Americans think about their Obamacare and Cap and Tax programs. When Americans united at tea parties and attended the townhall meetings, the liberal Socialists acted like those in attendance were being rude and belligerent because they dared voice their disapproval of Obamacare and Cap and Tax. Now they want to ban us all from having access to them. They cancel Townhall meetings, they deny us access to their hearings. Its no different in Cuba or Venezuela where the dictators control the peasants. To those in Washington, we are their servants. Then are the rulers. Lets show them who’s really ruling this country come next election. I say throw all those Socialist bastards out on their kisters. And Obama, your days are numbered. America is catching on to your charade and they dont like it one bit. God Damn Obama and his Socialist party. God Bless America.

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