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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why Media Matters Doesn't Really Matter

According to the David horowitz Newsreal Site, Media Matters is excited because Glen Becks ratings didn't jump following the white house and Obama's talking heads Axelrod and Emanual's appearnce on the drive by media last weekend.

I had to add my own comments to the Horowitz post.

Put Media Matters in the same camp as Anita Dunn, David baldy Axelrod, & Rahm fishead Emanual, and of course that Joker in the White House, Barack Teleprompter Obama. All crybaby Socialists that can’t stand the heat that Glenn Beck brings them on a daily basis. Glenn Beck is a real Global Warming to Obama, and his Socialist party. Unlike Cap & Trade where Obama and his Socialist-Green freaks want to shut down powerplants and any businesses thats happens to use a bit of fossil fuel, They can’t shut down Glenn Beck, who continues to irritate the hell out of the opposition, simply by telling the truth, something Obama and media matters is clueless about doing.


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