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Friday, October 16, 2009

Say No To Sharia Law in America

After reading a  recent article on site**http%3A//  I had to leave this following reply:

Wake up America, What you see happening in the UK can and will happen here in America, and the liberal Socialists in Washington with their Socialist leader, Obama, will do nothing to prevent Sharia Law from being pushed to the forefront if we the people don't speak up now before the Wolves are in the chicken coup. Hatred for America is preached in muslim mosques all over America. Muslims don't want to meld into becoming Americans. Muslims want Americans to bend over backwards just as Obama bowed to the Saudi king. With Socialist America haters like Obama, we all must be on alert for a threat from within. Not only from Jihadist who want to kill Americans, but from the muslim community that will if not stopped, continue to force their women hating, sick Sharia laws on all of us.

God bless america, God Damn the muslims that want to kill us and God Damn Sharia law.


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