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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Say No to Amnesty, Enforce the Immigration Laws

My reply to an "Amnesty Now"  article on the David Horowitz Newsreal site

Representative Gutierrez’s bad mouthing of America, sounds quite similar to what Obama has been saying about America as he tramped accross the globe apologizing for everything and anything that most americans would consider the things that are good about america. I ask Rep Gutierrez, “Who is breaking the laws here?” When Illegals break into america and take away jobs from american citizens, it's americans that suffer. Legalizing the 12 to 15 million Illegals here will only bring on another influx of Illegals who will again want the same amnesty as the past Illegals received.

Obamacare is another example of pandering to Illegals. If Obamacare is passed, Illegals will be included in the program. Will Illegals be fined if they don’t buy insurance. We all know that answer already. No they won’t be fined. Us law obiding citizens will end up paying for Illegals healthcare. We already pay for Illegals children who receive free education and free welfare and so many other programs that are ment for americans and not for anyone who happens to be here simply because they broke the law.

Don’t let Obama and his Socialist friends like Gutierrez lead you into thinking there is something evil about wanting our immigration laws inforced. I continues to say close the boarders, inforce the laws, deport Illegals. Say no to Amnesty.


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