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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Rush got shafted but he's still the Winner

A reply I gave to barbara on the David Horowitz Newsreal Site for the article Why didn’t Media Matters catch Limbaugh’s “slavery” quote when he “said” it?

Hey Barbara, Howard Kosell was thrown out of the Monday night Football booth for saying “Look at that Monkey run”. If Limbaugh had said the things you and your ilk are accusing him of saying, he would have been gone long ago. I’ve been a listener to Rush’s show since he first started out on one station in New York many years ago. I doubt a radio host could survive and end up on hundreds of stations, as well as being broadcast to our armed forces overseas if he were saying racist things that your friends Jessy Hineytown Jackson, and Al T. Brawley Sharpton have accused him of saying. How come those two are allowed to continue to spread their racist comments and not be called to answer for them?

Could it be that they are liberal blacks which in the eyes of the liberal media, means its ok for them to say whatever they want and not be questioned. So Rush gets blackballed from the NFL, but in the end Rush is the real winner. I’d bet his listening audience grows even larger due the the unjust and hateful attact that the left used against him. In the meantime, the NFL gets the black eye for their shoddy handling of the matter and bending over backwards to kiss the  asses of the players that felt it was ok for Vick to kill dogs. Yeah I remember them saying well he was doing it on his own property so that made it ok. Maybe Rush cant say it, but I can. Without football, many of the players both black and white would be on the same unemployment line with millions of other americans. No thanks to Obama’s stimulus package. I wonder how many jobs Obama’s stimulus plan might have saved. Maybe one. M. Vicks. JMOP


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