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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama Fiddles While Afghanistan Burns

After reading a post by David Horowitz on the Jihad Watch website, I had to leave this reply of my thoughts on why Obama was given the Nobel Prize.

Its rather clear that if your anti american, which I think Obama really is, Then you stand a good chance of receiving the award. Obama took at least three apology tours where he was trashing the U.S. as well as George Bush. Obama continues to belittle America. His many speeches show a hatred for the freedoms of our country. Obama is a Socialist, and the liberal media worships him as their messiah. Obama befriends our enemies, while weakening our security and freedom. Obama doesn’t mind listening to hugo Chavez ridicule America and then accepts his book. Obama watches as hundreds die or are beaten in Iran following a staged election. Obama trips off to Copenhagen in hopes of an Olympic reward while his own kind are being killed with railroad tyes in his hometown of Chicago. Obama fidddles while our troops in Afghanistan wait for some signs that Obama has any clue as to what he will do next, even as his top General has asked for added troops or else we face defeat. Obama has already said he doesn’t like the word victory, so I would think following his Peace Prize, the last thing he would want now is victory. 


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