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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dylan Ratigan Goes Nuts On Goldman

My hats off to Dylan Ratigan for hitting Goldman Sachs hard on their humongous bonuses paid out to their employees for doing what Dylan calls playing a game. Thats right, Goldman got bailed out by Paulson, a past Goldman big shot. Follow the dots and you find Goldman Sachs past and present employees spread out accross the banking globe. Paulson bailed out Goldman and let Bear Sterns & Lehman Bros go belly up, taking two major competitors of Goldman out of the game.  Check out the video of Dylan Ratigan hammering Goldman over its big payouts.

Lord Griffith Of Fforestfatch, vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs (GS) international, defended his company's massive compensation at a debate.

In a honest world, some folks at Goldman Sachs would be in jail now. But then this isn't an honest world, is its?


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