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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yale Caves in to Muslim Extremism, Removes Silly Cartoons

Yale University this week, removed cartoons of  the Prophet Muhammad from a book that's about how those such cartoons that Yale removed have caused outrage in the muslim world. Last time I looked, I believe Yale is in the United States of America, and not some muslim country. Freedom of speech is supposed to apply to all Americans, and any threat to such freedoms should be taking seriously. By removing the cartoon caricatures, Yale has said it would rather give up its freedom of speech, rather then risk violence from a few extremist muslims in this country. Many Americans have died protecting our freedoms, the same freedoms that Yale University is now willing to shove under the rug. Hope its not a persian rug, that might also offend a few extremist. 

I wonder what Yales reaction would be had someone published a book with cartoons that might offend Christians. My guess not a damn thing.

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