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Those Who Deceive Must Be Revealed!

Monday, July 25, 2016


Everybody out of the pool. Wow I'd be a pool boy if all the girl looked like this. lol

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Top Super Bowl Commercials 2016 Funny Tv Ads

Man kills wife for honour

A person gunned down his wife for honour on Sunday and fled the scene of crime.
Police said that accused hailing from Goth Lalu Golo of district Kashmore was suspicious about character of his wife. After exchange of hot words with his wife over this dispute, the culprit opened straight fire killing her on the spot and escaped from the scene after committing the murder. The body was shifted to a hospital for postmortem. The police, after registering a case against the murderer of his wife, started raids for his arrest.
Notice how the Pakistani site doesn't say Muslim man killed his wife for Honour. But at least we must give them credit for admiting that it actually happens. 

At Least One Dead And Two Injured In Germany 'Syrian Refugee' Machete Attack

At Least One Dead And Two Injured In Germany 'Syrian Refugee' Machete Attack

Brietbart London

A woman has been killed by a Machete-wielding male in Reutlingen in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany today in a brutal attack that saw another two injured.

While there are no exact details of motive to the attack yet, pictures uploaded to social media show a young bearded man in the process of being arrested and German police have told media that the perpetrator was a “Syrian refugee” who “acted alone”, reports theFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.
The killing started this afternoon in a local snack-bar according to reports in Sueddeutsche Zeitung after a “dispute” broke out between the perpetrator and others. The paper reports one woman has died, while another woman and a male are injured.

And  Obama and Hillary want to continue bringing in thousands more of these Muslim savages. Its time to vote Trump if you want an end to this lunacy.

Hillary Clinton has a seizure on camera

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Alton Sterlings Rap sheet

As we watch black lives don't matter and our black president Obama trying to make a good boy out of a career criminal, more and more police are being gunned down by black animals. Has the media taken time to even mention the criminal record of Mr. Alton Sterling? I don't recall seeing anything on his past rap sheet. Well here it is. 

Now wouldn't you want a son just like Alton? I know Obama would if he had a son. My only question is why was this career criminal still on the streets.  Could it be Alton was one of the many thousands that the Obama regime has released back onto our streets. Geez a pervert, sex offender, burgular and much more.